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 derpkips derping

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Squid, along with Ocelots and Bats are the only passive mobs that can despawn.

RIP Kraken…. jealousmess

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Omg I’m still mad… my diamond sword…

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I made a portal to the nether and it made me fall right in the goddam lava

Oh…. my god

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I named my iron golem ‘Kise’ lmao

I named my iron golem ‘Kise’ lmao

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I’m having conflicting feelings about the recent chapters

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Omg ch 84 of Tokyo Ghoul actually got translated its a miracle

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Who would you date in the Iwatobi SC? by Free! Drama CD
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NAGISA: Let’s say if each of us was a girl and we were to go out with someone in this group, who would you pick?
HARUKA: Why did the topic suddenly turn to that?
REI: I have absolutely no idea.
NAGISA: It’s a hypothetical question!
MAKOTO: Why did talking about lunches turn to talking about dating?
NAGISA: Because Rei-chan said [imitates REI] ‘A man who cooks is popular.’ So I was wondering, if we were girls, who would we pick?
REI: That wasn’t an imitation of me, was it?
NAGISA: I sounded just like you, didn’t I?
REI: No.
NAGISA: [imitates REI] No.
NAGISA: I would pick… hmm… I wonder… Not Rei-chan. You seem to get too hung up by details.
REI: What are you saying, Nagisa-kun? You’ll find no partner more perfect than I am.
NAGISA: Eh? Really? But Rei-chan, you’ll definitely be a huge nagger. Always telling me not to spill things or to tuck my shirt in, and stuff.
REI: Me, a nagger? Listen. I have confidence in my memory, so I would never forget special days like birthdays. I can cook, and manage my time so I would never be late for a date. I would research beforehand the places we’d go, and even research the best path to take to the restaurant where I’ve already put in a reservation, so I would be the perfect escort for my date from start to finish. I would make a date enjoyable, leaving nothing to be desired.
MAKOTO: H-Haru… did you just think that Rei sounded like an infomercial?
HARUKA: How could you tell?
MAKOTO: [laughs] Because I thought so too.
NAGISA: Then, Rei-chan, who would you want to go out with among the guys here?
REI: Myself, of course.
NAGISA: That’s… um… That’s very sad.
HARUKA: Really sad.
MAKOTO: Don’t say that. That’s who Rei is.
REI: Makoto-senpai… you’re not helping…
NAGISA: Then what about you, Mako-chan? Who would you go out with?
MAKOTO: Me? Well, let me see… hmm… I’ve been with Haru since we were kids, so I feel relaxed around him, and Nagisa is a cheerful person, so I have fun being around him, and Rei is upright, so I feel like I can expect him to take really good care of me… You all have your good points. Hmm… I can’t choose.
[All three sigh]
MAKOTO: Eh? Huh? What’s wrong, guys?
NAGISA: What do we call that kind of attitude again?
HARUKA: Wishy-washy.
REI: Makoto-senpai… You’re going to be in trouble one day…
MAKOTO: Wha– why?!
HARUKA: Being too nice brings the worst results.
MAKOTO: Not you too, Haru!
NAGISA: Then what about you, Haru-chan? Who would you choose?
HARUKA: …Makoto.
HARUKA: It just seems easiest.
REI: That’s your reason?
NAGISA: Ehh, you picked Mako-chan?
REI: Well, Makoto-senpai is kind and he seems likely to treat the person he dates with respect.
NAGISA: Hey, Haru-chan! If I was your boyfriend, I’ll cook mackerel for you for breakfast every morning!
HARUKA: I choose Nagisa.
MAKOTO: Ehhh?!
REI: Haruka-senpai’s decisions all center around mackerel…
MAKOTO: I lost to mackerel…

Translation credit

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Makoto & Sousuke harboring feelings for their best friends (Haru & Rin) but they don’t want to ruin the relationship they have with them b/c thats how much they love them so they keep it to themselves and brood on it until one day when they turn to each other for comfort uhg I’m gonna vom someone write that cuz I’m not.

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uhffjwfahg why do i ship them 


uhffjwfahg why do i ship them 

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My house looks a lot cooler with this texture pack

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Ken Kaneki and Shū Tsukiyama from the TV animation Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種トーキョーグール), illustrated by Mari Kitayama (北山真理) for Otomedia Magazine (08/2014).


Ken Kaneki and Shū Tsukiyama from the TV animation Tokyo Ghoul (東京喰種トーキョーグール), illustrated by Mari Kitayama (北山真理) for Otomedia Magazine (08/2014).