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 derpkips derping

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Thanks for the idea anon, I support the stripper path 100%!

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I dunno lol

(Reupload from the old Account.)

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Transparent Hakogaku’s promoting ooedo onsen monogatari !

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beefycakecumberbutt replied to your post “Why would you even put your nudes on a cloud tho…”

I think it’s default storage space now

I don’t really know anything about iPhones but shouldn’t there be an option to turn that off or s/t? Like with windows 8 they make you get a stupid cloud called onedrive and i had to change where my shit gets saved. But still not cool to post people’s private pictures n stuff smh…

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This is so important omg Natsume tries so hard to not let Touko or Shigeru know about the fact he can see Youkai and this little slip-up happens and Touko just smiles and agrees. Not only that, this chapter was so feelsy fuuu why is Natsume Yuujinchou the most perfect series ever…

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its a somber day

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To the Sea manga, read To the Sea online

*whispers* what the fuck…

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OMG someone hacked MAL…. again…

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Why would you even put your nudes on a cloud tho…

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So, for Aomine’s birthday I updated my AoKaga fic. I hate self-promoting myself (idk I just don’t do it too much) but if you want to read it, that would be really nice. (˘ω˘ ) This is my fourth AoKaga story and I really wanted this one to be as true to the canon universe as possible (well, as much as it could get if Aomine and Kagami actually became something…) and this is a story I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I also don’t want to rush things so I plan on this story being in for the long-haul. It’s going to have many, many chapters (I hope) so the progression is slow and I want to make it as natural as possible.

So yeah let me just end this with the links to the story:


Rating is subject to change. Its unrated atm on AO3 and since I can’t do that on its rated T, but expect a possible rating change in the future.

Thank you if you decide to read ^^ Happy birthday, Aomine~